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How to upload a custom world


Staff member
Mar 3, 2018
Upload a custom world

To begin, stop your server if you haven't already. This is to make sure that nothing is saved while the upload is happening.
Step 1 - Stop Server.PNG

Next, you would go to where your saved world is, and drag it to the server via an FTP client (FileZilla is recommended).
Step 2 - Drag world to FTP.PNG

While the world is uploading, or once complete. Enter a name for the world in the main area of the panel. This would be the same name as the world folder. If the folder name is world leave that area blank. Don't forget to save the changes.
Step 3 - Name World.PNG

Once the world is uploaded and name changed if needed, you can start the server. Depending on where the spawn of the server is set, you might have to look around a bit for the main area of the world, but in most cases it would be near you upon spawning in.