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Create an Email account


Staff member
Mar 3, 2018
Creating an Email Account using cPanel
To create an email within cPanel only takes a few steps. To start, log into your cPanel, find the Email options and click the Email Accounts button.
Next you need to put all the information you want for the new email.
1. Put the name of the email account here, make sure it is something that matches what it is used for (username if for a person, support/help if a support email)
2. Nice and easy, the password goes here
2.1. The Generate button helps to create a strong password. The arrow gives you some configurable options. (No, that password is not being used by me)
2.2. Yup, repeat the password to make sure it is the one you want.
3. For this, it is usually best to set the Quota to Unlimited for admins/support emails. For accounts you want to limit, set it to the amount you want (1024MB is 1GB)
4. Nice and easy, click this to create the account.
5. Leave this ticked. As this will send an email to the account with details on how to link it to an external email client.

Once you click Create Account, you will know if worked if you see a green box.

All that is left is a few options that come with created accounts.
1. Easy one, this will log you into the webmail of your site.
2. You can modify what an accounts quota is here.
3. This is where you set certain restrictions for the account:

All of them are pretty self explanatory.
4. You can edit the password of the account with this.
5. This lets you connect to external clients, and mess with calender's.

The main option is Set Up Mail Client, this tells you all the information needed.
6. Last and easiest, delete the account.