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Connect to a server using FileZilla


Staff member
Mar 3, 2018
FTP Using FileZilla
If you haven't already downloaded it, you can get FileZilla from the following site. (Download Link) You will need to download the FileZilla Client.
If you are new to installing, it is advised that you be careful as it may try to install something that you would not need. So read carefully.

Start by going to the top left and clicking File >> Site Manager

Connect to FTP.PNG

Step 1: Click on New Site and enter a name for it. Make it something you can associate with your server.
Step 2: Host would be the IP of your server without the port.
Step 3: For Login Type the 2 options that are best used are Normal or Ask for Password.
The difference between the 2 are that Normal will always log you in with the given information, while Ask for Password will request it each time.
Step 4: User can be found under the Files section of the Multicraft panel, just enter the information it shows here.
Step 5: Same as the above, but most commonly the password is the same as your login information for the panel.