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Advanced Tab - Scheduled Tasks and Commands


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Mar 3, 2018
Multicraft - Advanced Tab
Advanced Tab.PNG
This can get fairly complicated, so i advise you only touch this section if you are confident or feel it is needed.
Example Command.PNG
Name: Name of the command, make it something you will understand at first glance.
Required Role: The role that would be required to run the command ingame. You can change a players role via the Users section of the panel.
Prerequisite: This will be run prior to this one.
Chat: The word that your chat message ingame needs to start with. (So in this case, it would be "food")
Response: If you enter text in here, it will whisper if to the target if there is one.
Run: The command to be run. Read below for details of variables. (you can seperate commands using ;)
%n - The players name (If no name entered, it will be run on yourself)
%1, %2, etc - Every %X gets replaced by the X-th argument the player supplied (arguments are space separated)
Scheduled Tasks:
Example Restart.PNG

Name: Name of the task, make it something you will understand at first glance.
Status: Scheduled will make it run, Paused will keep it inactive.
Scheduled Time: This will be the time it runs, be aware it runs on your server time, not your time. (By default you can use the command "time" ingame to learn server time)
Interval: If enabled, you can set the task to run ever X every minutes, hours or days.
Command: The custom command that will be run at the desired time.
Arguments: A message to be shown when command is run.
Run For: If you are running a restart command, set this for the Server, if it is for players use Everyone.
If you want a message to be shown just before a restart, create a new task that will uses the asay command.
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